Our Story

Norris Lake has been our go to vacation spot for the last 50 years.  In the 70's, we would pitch a tent and camp without any modern conveniences.  After a "bear" incident, we transitioned to a KOA camp site that had running water, showers, etc..,  We spent some time in a few small 1950s lake side motels which were not all that nice, but they had AC.  What a big difference that makes after a hot day on the lake.  In the 80's we had a small trailer 1/4 mile from springs dock.  It was small, but had a large front deck and exactly what we needed to spend all day on the lake.

In the early 90's Deerfield was just starting and we decided it was time to make it official.  The Dorner Home was built in 1992 and has been our home away from home since then and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do.


Tom and Carol Dorner

Stairs to Dock

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