Nearby Marinas

Deerfield Cover Marina
156 Launch Lane

Located in the same cove as the house.  This is the ramp to use for launching your boat. They sell ice, but NO GAS Available.

Sugar Hollow Marina
610 Marina Lane

Sugar Hollow is a full service marina just around the Deerfield peninsula to the right and about 1/2 way up Cedar Creek.


Spings Dock
1652 Alder Springs Road

Springs Dock is a full service dock with gas and food.  It is the next cove to the left.


Shanghai Resort
1042 Shanghai Road

Shanghai Resort is a little farther away, just past Cedar Creek, but also a full service marina as well.


Norris Dam


Rough Water at Norris Lake

With the endless number of coves on the lake it always easy to find smooth water.

Norris Dam

Norris Lake

Norris Dam was the first dam built by the TVA. It was begun in 1933 and three years later, its completion helped moderate the disastrous Ohio and Mississippi River flood of 1937.

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